7 Amazing Animal Photos Taken Seconds Before The Unexpected Turn Of Events

1. Sleepy Um…

Crocodiles are cool and so if you see one you are probably going to want to get a selfie with it. Well, don’t do it! Johnny Bonde, a 27-year-old Danish backpacker exploring Australia’s wilderness, had to learn the hard way. This picture was taken right before the animal grabbed Bonde’s arm leaving him seriously injured. The man luckily broke free from the animal and explained in an interview with Perth Now “He got my arm and shook me … It was the result of me being stupid. If somebody slammed me at night, I would be angry, too”.

2. Deadly Jump

Whales are usually harmless and gentle but as we know they are huge wild animals and they like to jump and play. This little fishing boat was more than splashed as the whale landed squarely on it killing all its passengers.

3. Snap!

Taking a selfie with a duck sounds like a fun idea but pointing at it with your finger can be a threatening sign for the animal or can simply mean you are offering your worm-shaped finger as food. So, if you think about it for a second, you might change your mind before getting too close to a duck for a picture, after all, it’s wildlife and there are probably signs everywhere preventing you from doing it anyways.


4. Ouch!

Raccoons are tricky small animals and they are everywhere, by the trash cans, hidden in bushes or sewers right around the corner from your house. Experts say raccoons are now twice as aggressive and suggest people make an effort not to walk their dogs near any bushed areas or places where the wild animals may be hiding.


5. Marking Its Territory

Well, this tragedy seems more manageable than getting bitten by a crocodile but it can totally ruin your pleasant sunbathing moment. Oops!

6. Surfing With Sharks

Seth Mead, a 26-year-old surfer, survived a great white shark attack while surfing in Oregon’s Gold Beach. The animal unexpectedly pushed Mead and his surfboard three feet out of the water clamping his right leg and foot. As unexpectedly as it came, the shark disappeared into the water leaving the surfer severely injured.

7. The Fastest Feline On Earth

This leopard escaped from Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, in West Bengal, and the entire Lumi village was terrorized as the wild animal was captured but inefficiently tranquilized. After attacking the man in the picture the Leopard was shot and killed by the man holding a gun on the back. The good news is that the attacked man survived.


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